Peter Sterkens

Steve Van Dessel

25 years Director level jobs ranging: 

  • from SME brewer’s son over Blue Chip Company (ABI) to private label Companies (Konings, Martens)
  • from dept. Head to Plant Manager
  • Ind. Engineer Biochem.
  • MBA Antwerp University

Empower your people and your company will run like a horse.

24 years Director level jobs ranging:

  • from Bluechip Companies (Nutreco, ABI) over SME to Social Profit and Start-Ups
  • from Sales over Production to Corporate Functions, full P&L responsibility and consultancy
  • Ind. Engineer Biotech.
  • eMBA Antwerp University

Performance of a company is a cultural thing.

Two owners, always in the field, supported by:

A team of seasoned professionals:

  • Line management experience over consultancy experience.
  • Mentors in the cultural implications of the journey to excellence: walk the talk!
  • Partners in shaping the journey hand in hand with the clients management team on a daily bases

A team for specialized support

  • Cutting edge Blue Chip experience in the domains of Supply Chain, Maintenance, Energy & Fluids, Quality, Safety, Logistics, Procurement, HR, Corporate Governance, ICT for performance…
  • They fly in when the need is there and help finetuning the program

The team of the Advisory Board

  • Keeping our strategy sharp and relevant
  • Source of benchmarking opportunities and corporate experience
  • Just enthusiast support from Blue Chip VP level